Free Laundry Day

Plus NEW Laundromat Learning Space

November 12th, 3 – 6 PM

Local Laundry @ 3424 W Bell Rd

Free Laundry Day events provide free laundry services and cleaning products plus free food and fun activities for children and adults to enjoy. Guests can bring an unlimited amount of laundry to the event and will receive free laundry products to help clean their clothes.


A new Family Read, Play & Learn Space will be installed at Local Laundry. These literacy spaces are designed specifically for laundromats to provide books plus a comfortable and engaging setting to foster opportunities for children to read and learn while their families’ clothes and linens are laundered. Similar learning spaces have been launched in laundromats across the nation through the Laundry Literacy Coalition – a partnership of Too Small to Fail and the LaundryCares Foundation.


While the guests do their laundry, children will be safely entertained with several supervised enrichment activities including reading, storytelling, and more. Representatives of the NHL hockey team, the Arizona Coyotes, will be present to give away items and to entertain the families. Free children’s books will be distributed to the families present at the event.


“We’re ecstatic that the owners at Local Laundry, Nada and Steve, are hosting this Free Laundry Day! We’re especially looking forward to witnessing the reactions of their customers to their new Family Read, Play & Learn space.”


– Brian Wallace, Executive Director of the LaundryCares Foundation and President/CEO of the Coin Laundry Association.


The LaundryCares Foundation is dedicated to helping laundromat owners provide services through their stores such as Free Laundry Days and childhood literacy resources to families in underserved communities. Visit us at For additional information about this event or the LaundryCares Foundation, please contact Dan Naumann at (630) 953-7920 or at [email protected].

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