Get the Most From Your Laundry Experience


You’ll be glad to know that we are a COIN’LESS laundromat. We accept cash, credit and debit to purchase a re-loadable laundry card.

For Every $10 you add to your card we add $1 bonus to your card.

Local Laundry is not responsible for any unattended customer items. We strongly recommend that you stay inside the laundromat with your laundry.

Yes you can use pods and beads but make sure you place them INSIDE THE DRUM BEFORE YOU PUT YOUR CLOTHES IN. Do NOT put them in the soap dispenser or else we’ll have a goopy mess to clean and your clothes will won’t get very clean.

The absolute best thing you can do to make sure your colors don’t wash out is to always wash your colors, especially brights, in cold water.

Full service laundry is usually next day service; however if you can bring it in early enough, it can be completed the same day for an extra charge.

No, we do not offer Dry Cleaning Services, however, many household items are machine washable these days. Take a second look at those tags,—you might be surprised!

Any items found in the laundromat will be kept for one week. Then donated

Any drop off laundry left will be kept for 30 days. Then donated

We are open every day of the year except for Christmas Day.


Thank you for your cooperation and thank you for choosing Local Laundry

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