Pro Tips

Tips and Tricks for the Best Results

: Check Your Pockets!

Pens, lipstick, and gum can be sneaky. They do their best to ruin your day and ours…check your pockets please as Local Laundry is not responsible for customer oversight 😌

: Use the Correct Temperature

No two fabrics behave the same. Wool, Silk, and Cotton will all shrink in hot water and in a hot dryer. Where as polyester and rayon can arent affected by hot temps. Our industrial strength machines will wash your clothes no matter what the temperature so if the label says wash in cold water… give it a try… your pocket book will thank you😌

:Pods and Scent BEADS

go directly INSIDE the washer drum BEFORE you put your clothes in😌

: Use the Right Amount of Soap and Softener

More is Not Better! Infact too much soap or softener can actually harm your clothes as both contain oils and can stain your clothes. As the saying goes.. less is sometimes more😌

: Don’t Over- Stuff your machine

You want to fill the drum three quarters full so that you leave room for your clothes to revolve and tumble around without being rubbed against each other.
So be kind to your load and leave a little room for your clothes to dance😌


Give the Washer and Dryer Drums a final spin after you’ve emptied your clothes … just to make sure you got that last sneaky sock… Our Sock Cemeteries are just sad😢